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Upcoming events

  • Entdecke die Magie deiner Periode
    Entdecke die Magie deiner Periode
    Online Kurs zum Selbststudium
    Online Kurs zum Selbststudium
    Verbinde dich mit deinem natürlichen Zyklus und nutze deine Periode für ein gesünderes und glücklicheres Leben!

Why women’s circles?

When women come together, we create a strong and powerful energy field. In the traditions of many indigenous tribes, the women of a village meet during their menstrual period in a place away from everyday life in order to rest, reflect and receive visions for the next creative phase. Since our rhythm is influenced in very different ways by our individual lives, our workload and modern contraceptive methods, I orientate myself in my work as a certified leader of women's circles on the moon. For every new and full moon I offer online circles, where we embark on a transformative journey together. 

When the moon is obscured, I invite you to rest, reflect and connect with your inner voice. The circle's energy field will help you see things about yourself that were previously hidden from you. I will help you to see how you sabotage yourself and which negative beliefs you can finally let go of in order to come into your full power. 


When the moon shines brightly in the sky, I invite you to celebrate life. Let's look back on the past four weeks with love and compassion and acknowledge that we've all always done our best. It doesn't matter what's going on in your life - the full moon is for celebration!

Each circle is a one-hour live Zoom session. You will receive the link after purchasing your ticket. The circles are open to anyone who wants to reconnect with their feminine energy.


Free and non-binding discovery call

Let's take 60 minutes to get to know each other and see if we click. I will use most of the time to ask you questions to understand your situation well and make you a personalized coaching offer, but of course there will also be room for you ask me anything you would like to know. 


Coaching package

I will suggest a personal coaching package based on your private or professional challenges. Popular topics are: grounding and boundary setting, the magic of the female cycle, selflove with Aphrodite, working with archetypes. To be able to achieve long-lasting results, I like to work with packages of 4 sessions each lasting 60 minutes. Alternatively, you can always book spontaneous sessions as needed. 


Long-term support

It takes time to effectively improve your relationship to yourself and your body, to learn how to set boundaries or to change careers. It is not enough to understand things, the key is to learn and implement new behaviors in everyday life. It is like training a new muscle that you just discovered. I would be honored to support you on a weekly or monthly basis with your personal challenges. I usually agree upon long-term support after 4 sessions.

Pricing 2023

Single session:                        80 Euro

4 session package:             270 Euro

Long-term support:              individual arrangement

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